What Causes Allergies and Are You Toxic?

allergy-causes-pollen-allergiesSo, What Causes Allergies? I have just written an article on the main Allergy Causes and some of the factors may be surprising to you, ones you’ve probably never considered?

With hospital admissions in the U.K. just for food allergies, for example, having increased by 500% since 1990, and with similar patterns in other countries the numbers of people suffering from allergies is reaching near epidemic levels.

Many popular sites on the net have written about what causes allergies but I believe such information may be missing a few vital points.

What Causes Allergies – Conventional Allergy Treatments Can Make You Worse

Initially I relied on my local doctors advice and took over the counter prescriptions and followed other typical Western approaches to treating allergies like desensitisation injections and restricted food diets. They had little effect and I believe they do more harm than good.

Restricting foods/food groups and therefore the diversity of different vitamin and minerals they offer constitutes medically supervised malnutrition! Idiotic!

The causes of allergies I have listed has been based on my own personal experience having spent (wasted) 15 years battling with my chronic allergies and not getting very far! It was only when I took a completely different approach to the my allergy problems did they start to clear up. In fact they cleared up very quickly.

Conventional treatments never explained why I had food allergies, chemical sensitivities, dust and cat allergies, even what causes allergies. Neither did they explain why my food allergies never improved much with avoidance diets and my dust/cats allergies with desensitisation shots.

But once I got to the root causes of what causes allergies I could see that all I had been doing was chasing symptoms. Allergies are a symptom of toxicity and body overload.

Finally I was able to stop wasting time and energy using ineffective treatments that were only masking symptoms albeit temporarily – as they would always reappear.

These treatments were ultimately doing nothing to change the internal “terrain” of my body, which created the perfect environment for my chronic allergy problems to persist.

What Causes Allergies.

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