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The aim of this site is simple:  To educate people to the health risks posed by environmental toxins.  Whether they’re heavy metals or chemicals we’re exposed to in our workplace or from those found in household products or foodstuffs the long term health impact can be overwhelming.

My goal is to highlight the safest and most effective ways for you to rid your body of these toxins so you can regain your health.

I first wrote about chronic fatigue syndrome and detoxing over a decade ago having cured a host of chronic health conditions.  It took me a long time to recover after initially getting ill (and recovering) during a trip to Turkey in the late 80’s.  For the next decade and a half I experienced:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Brain Fog, Severe Allergies and Digestion Disorders with very painful Stomach Cramps.

During that time I tried EVERYTHING to get better!  I used all kinds of  therapies and treatments – some conventional, some complementary and others just bordering on the scale of credible.

The end result:

I spent about £20,000 on therapies and treatments that promised relief but rarely delivered.  No doctors “cured me,” in fact hospital consultants couldn’t find much wrong with me as all my tests came back relatively normal and did little to identify the root cause of my illness…  I written off with “Post Viral Fatigue and told to rest.

The root cause of my health issues was finally uncovered in 2000 when a London, Harley Street doctor determined that I had high mercury and a lead reading that was quite literally off the test chart.  This was a shock not least because 9 years earlier I was already supposed to have been tested by a well known and respected London clinic (using a blood test) and given the “all clear” for toxic metals.

Due to the ignorance over how the body stores heavy metals the 1991 low test levels were disregarded.  From 2000, I ineffectively “detoxed” the heavy metals with products that were ineffective at lowering the body burden of heavy metals.  Luckily in 2004, I discovered a detox protocol that was effective.

In the past all I’d done was chase symptoms (Fatigue/Candida Yeast/Allergies/Irritable Bowel) when I should’ve been dealing with the root cause: the heavy metals.  Once on the detox, which involved a high fats, low carb (H.F.L.C.) and high protein diet, metal chelators and supplements – my health improved quickly.

I hope the information you can find here enables you to deal with your own health concerns and reduce the large amount of wasted time, relationship and career blocks and loss of confidence, that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome inevitably causes.

Good Luck,

Ian Solley
B.Sc (Hons)
Founder of ThisCureWorks.com
Herts. U.K.

May 21, 2022