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"Don't Treat The Symptoms. Treat The Cause.
Discover What's Causing
Allergy Symptoms And Beat Them

This Website Gives You Information and Advice on How I Treated My Own Severe Allergies, Food Intolerances and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (M.C.S.) Naturally By Showing You What The Root Causes Were.

After I came down with "post viral fatigue" in the 1990's I developed allergy symptoms to everything:

Paints - water based/oil based,
Cleaning Agents,
even the family Cats!

My nose and eyes would stream for hours at a time - this is technically known as allergic rhinitis - and I know what a misery it can be. The hospital consultants even put me on a lamb, potato and carrot diet because of my multiple food allergies - I couldn't eat anything else without allergy symptoms developing. I spent 15 years going round in circles trying to cure my allergies using every conventional and complementary therapy available, including:

Allergy/Mast Tests (it’s not all in the mind)
De-sensitizing injections/boosters
Avoidance Diets
Food Combining
Nyastatin (Anti-Fungal)
Bowel Cleanses/Parasite Cleanses
Thyroid Tests
D.H.E.A. Hormones
Vitamin & Minerals
Herbal Remedies
Anti Depressants (stopped after 6 wks of side effects)
Hair Mineral Analysis
Mercury Amalgams Removed.

Sound Familiar?

Allergies are due to an overactive immune system and are universally recognized as an inappropriate immune system response that is out of proportion to the offending allergen. Food allergies are also unhelpfully classed as a psychosomatic illness by western doctors.

The proportion of the population now suffering from Allergies, Food Intolerance and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - M.C.S., has been gradually rising over the last few decades. By conventional medical logic I then assume that means we’re all becoming more neurotic? Complete nonsense!

If you have the following:

Allergy Symptoms

Allergies To Dust / Pets / Pollen
Sensitivity To Paints / Perfumes / Chemicals
Sneezing Constantly / A Runny Nose
llergies / Sensitivity or Intolerance To Foods
Cravings For Foods, Sugar or Alcohol
Dry Skin / Eczema
Migraines / Headaches
Tiredness and Lethargy
Poor Concentration
Memory Problems
Digestive Disorders...?

Then a deeper level of testing may be necessary. I know this because medical tests I undertook in 1991 proved unreliable and inconclusive.

I have also seen a lot of nonsense written about allergy symptoms, my favourite being that it's all in the mind!

What I needed to understand was how to:

Identify the ROOT CAUSES that were overloading my
Immune system and creating Chronic Allergic Reactions.

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Cure Your Allergy Symptoms


Ian Solley

B.Sc. (Hons)










 I Found A Comprehensive Program For Treating My Chronic Allergies and M.C.S.

"I Cured my Allergies by detoxing after 15 years trying everything else."

Ian Solley, B.Sc. (Hons) Founder of
This Cure Works.com

"I am sure that your ebook is the most complete, most informative, and easiest to understand information on allergies that I have ever come across... My allergies are COMPLETELY GONE!  I was so astonished that I picked up my friend's cat and rubbed it on my face and NOTHING, absolutely no allergic reaction at all, it was just amazing! Thank you very much for taking the time to put together such an incredible wealth of information!"
-Valdemar Losse, Ann Arbor, MI

Ian has done a splendid job of writing about the programme that I have been using for several years in dealing with chronic health conditions where the usual alternative and orthodox approaches have failed. This website has enabled this protocol to reach and help many others who would otherwise be stuck with their health problems as he once was.
Hazel, Nutritionist,
D.N. Med, D.Th.D, EAV Practitioner.
London, U.K.

Click here to read more


How I Cured My Allergy Symptoms,
Food Intolerances and M.C.S.

1) Firstly please do not mistake this web site as a "Miracle Cure " site. What I describe in my e-Book is not a miracle cure but a scientific approach to tackling Chronic Allergy Symptoms, Food Intolerance and Multiple Chemical Sensitivites (MCS) and eliminating the toxin overload that causes it. Few medical conditions are genetically passed on - We become ill as a result of our incapacity to exist within an increasingly toxic environment

2) Most Western based healthcare treats the allergy symptoms whilst ignoring the root causes.

3) The well researched information I've written about has been verified by a Micro Biologist. His detox clinical results confirmed what I had written about - The Immune System is boosted. Heavy metals and chemical toxins are eliminated in the blood. Candida Albicans metabolytes decrease to normal ranges. Bad Bacterial and Parasitic activity are reduced.

Because I am now offering phone and email support this has become a full time job.

Thank You.

Ian Solley

Tired of Allergy Symptoms Ruling Your Life? Then Please Allow Me To Show You How I Beat My Allergy Symptoms, Food Intolerances and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

My story started in 1989 after getting post viral fatigue, my life became a misery as I became allergic and intolerant to practically everything - most foods, pollen, perfumes, the family pets!... My symptoms ranged from typical sneezing and itchy skin, throat and eyes, to chronic hay fever and dust allergies, black outs and dizziness around paints and perfumes. Panic set in, sitting on public transport around perfumes became intolerable to me and my life became taken over by my health...

My doctor couldn't do anything for me apart from send me for tests and immunization vaccinations. These weren't that successful. Patch test results just turned me in to a food neurotic - DON'T blame the food - and food diaries are boring and not that accurate (it can take up to 12 days for an offending substance to cause a reaction). After finally being put on a lamb, potato and carrot diet by the hospital comsultant, I decided this is not a solution!

So I turned to complementary medicine but many of my allergy symptoms persisted... sneezing, runny nose, itching eyes, throat and skin, fatigue, and food allergies. By 2003 I decided to stop seeing my private Harley Street doctor...

Fortunately I came across a nutritionist who'd recently returned from the U.S. where she'd learnt about a very effective way of tackling my symptoms and those of her many patients, that my Harley street doctor was unaware of. The protocol was unlike anything I'd come across - I researched it thoroughly.


How And Why It Worked

  • The protocol worked because it repaired and removed toxins such as heavy metals, parasites, viruses, bad bacterial and yeasts that reside in the fatty structure of the cell walls - in particular those cells found in the brain, gastro-intestinal tract, liver and gall bladder. The build up of such toxins overwhelm the bodies the immune system and creating Allergic Reactions and Allergy Symptoms.

  • Pathogens including viruses, parasites, candida yeast and bad bacteria are the SYMPTOM of chemical and heavy metals toxicity. Treat the cause not the SYMPTOM and beat your Allergies and M.C.S.

  • Through the use of specific supplements that bind to these toxins they are able to be effectively mobilised and removed from the body.

In a few months this protocol began turning my health problems around and has now changed my life. For more information on how I permanently relieved my Allergy Symptoms get a copy of my e-Book:

"Chronic Allergies &
Multiple Chemical Sensitivity"

You'll be able to download the e-Book immediately
and learn how I tackled the root causes of my Allergy Symptoms.


People Grateful For My Story

I have just read your book and have found it fascinating and well written. I am a qualified Doctor who is getting desperate. I have had fatigue for over 2 years now, with short lived periods before that but it is my gut that seems to cause all the problems. I am constipated, bloated, have developed too many food intolerances, suffer with headaches and have that vague 'disinterested in life' feeling. I have had periods when i have been much better....I have colonics regularly that help and when I m on various herbs (capyillic acid, olive leaf and oil of oregano) i have improved dramatically. However, it is all too short lived and eventually my symptoms return.
Thank you. Regards Caroline Bates, (G.P./Doctor), London, U.K
. (You can read Caroline's further testimonial below)

Re: You have saved my life - almost literally!
Hi Ian,
Well it's several months since I read the ebook, and my life has changed considerably.Your ebook was the catalyst for my recovery. Your input was fantastic, a total revelation to a guy stumbling about in ill-health getting worse and worse. Thank you! You really did give me light at the end of the tunnel.

Marcus, Malmesbury U.K.

Hello Ian,
I would like to ask you how can you guarantee that if I purchase this ebook download, that I will receive it and that it isnt a scam. I have seen other books on the internet very similar sucess storys etc. I dont want to sound rude but I have been cheated before on the internet and I am very reluctant to hand over my credit card details. Is this address in Hertz you home/business address. Can I check out somewhere to know this isnt going to be a scam.Regards
Gillian (Australia)

By email I told Gillian that yes, this is my home business address printed below and that my bank card processor demands a level of service and interenet security on this website that would preclude me from having an account with them if the site was unprofessionally run;. There is also a guarantee on this website that is fair.

"This is a comprehensive and very well researched book. It helped me understand that my body is capable of both producing and ingesting enough toxins to cause my health problems. More importantly, it has given me the information I need to treat these problems. I am therefore profoundly grateful to the author for writing it. I am sure it will continue to help many people."
Peter Wayne, Holland.

Hello and Thank You!!! I received your ebook and read it through. It is very dense with useful information and it is glaringly obvious that you've done a lot of work. I myself am on a mission to get these stupid amalgams out of my mouth after suffering from chronic A to Z ailments for the past sixteen years of my life. I'm thirty - that means half of my life experience has been subjugated to the effects of mercury and what was worse during all of this was that I never knew what was happening. But because of people like you now I do know and so again, I thank you. Brian (South Africa).

...I have a Biology degree so it's fascinating the amount of scientific information you have found out.... Any way thanks for writing the book it was really interesting and the best i have read on this subject so far.
Bridget Bradley, Bournemouth, England.

Your book is very interesting.You have done a lot of studying. I have felt terrible for 3 years...(deleted for privacy) Thank you for you E-book it really makes sense. Thank you and God Bless... Vicki Mackay, Whitestone N.Y.

I rang you from Bermuda last week enquiring about your book and asking you if I could get my daughter in law- Anita Shepey - to 'phone you and discuss your treatment regime. Since then I have downloaded and read your book which I found exceedingly easy to read and factually interesting ( I have a B.Med.Sci). Once again, thank you for the excellent book.
Best wishes, Dale Howe, Bermuda.

Readers Successes Treating Allergies

I had suffered with food intolerances and fatigue for over two years. I had visited every naturopath, physician, nutritionalist possible and spent well over £10 000, all to no avail.
I was at the point of giving up....it had affected my work and my relationship and i was now so low that I could no longer see a future for myself. In a last effort I started surfing the net and came across Ian's ebook......it was like reading about myself, only this guy was better!! Living a normal life again! I found the book very informative and knowledgeable am a medical practitioner and found it's content well researched and accurate. Most importantly, it gave me hope..... I got in touch with Ian and saw his nutritionalist who put me on the detox and I'm feeling the best I have in years! Without Ian's ebook, I dread to think where I might be today. I'm certainly very grateful Caroline Bates, (G.P./Doctor) London U.K.

Hi Ian,
Thank you so much for your book, I have, so far, stabalized my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms so they don't keep yo yoing and then reduced them to half what they were.
That's the bit you can use for testimonials:) ...
can you point me in the right direction please?
(the text isn't meant to be 'bold' it's my email program playing up)
yours, joan:)

(This person bought the book 9 months before sending this email)

Before buying your book I been suffering with itchy skin, dust allergy and always hay fever for years, my energy was bad. I was not sure when I came to your site but you list many problems I have, I get the book. I am happy I get it, my allergies have gone, my skin is good and I do not have sinus and sneezing, very, very grateful. Buzzo, Rome, Italy.

Hi Ian
I have down loaded your book back in January and have been using the supplements for six weeks now. I have to say that this has given me the best results i have ever had. I had been suffering with chronic allergies for 15 years now and nothing had shifted it. A G.P. thought it was Candida and gave me nystatin tablets and after three weeks all my symptons disappeared. I felt great. The best I had ever felt in my life. However I stopped taking them when the ran out and hey presto the damm thing came back. Only this time twice as bad.

I have been looking for an answer ever since. Your book was really worth the money. I have learnt such a lot about this disease from your notes and everything seems to make sense now. I have found a good candida forum which is following a similar line but they do not go into such detail or explain the reasons why. Thanks for putting your experience into a book and sharing it with us. There are so many people trying to make money out of this misery and i was truly grateful that your book was both reasonably priced and so informative.....and made sense. God bless. Andy Wright Horsham West Sussex, U.K.

Hi Ian,
i am currently been treated by the nutritionist that you mentioned. my body has become very snsitive to all foods, especially carbs. the diet i have been put on by her, is causing a lot of heat, especially the flora and galt fortifier. i just wanted to know whether you experienced anything similar whilst having the treatment and if there was anything i could do to reduce this problem? Your help would be much appreciated. goldie (no address supplied).

Just to thank you/ update. After a horrible February and suffering with allergies/ migraines, etc. since 1989, I downloaded your e-book. Although I modified your suggestions to fit my pocket book, etc, I am detoxing/ colon cleansing and added vitamins/minerals/ herbs/amino acids/evening primrose, etc. I think colon cleansing is the best kept secret in the world. Our pollen count is the highest in years and I am free of pains/ symptoms.
Thank you so much, Debi Gregg (no address supplied)

Thank you very much for sharing your findings, you must have improved the lives of hundreds of people. Thanks also for your time. Like you I was searching for answers and had seen many doctors and specialists. I took high doses of anti-histamines that just made me feel worse. This really is incredible how much difference this has made - I think I was in danger of becoming a food nut!! Now I can eat what I like! Thank you for your help I think you're book is excellent. Alice Cunningham, Loughborough, U.K.

I've had tiredness, headaches dizzyness and many food intolerances for more than 2 years. I have also tried vitamins and herbs - which only helped a little but having been on this program for two months I'm already noticing the difference! The streaming eyes and nose, and the stomach aches are considerably better and I'm writing to say all your useful and insightful advice and recommendations is very greatly appreciated.
Ewa Ghosh, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh.

Greetings  Ian!
Happy Easter. I am writing as a follow-up to our previous letters to tell how you how I am progressing in becoming healed. Your book has been of immense help. Thank you. Since we last communicated, I have started an energy therapy with a doctor who found the chemicals in me, which was not too surprising since I had MCS symptoms. He also found my thyroid was not working and that I have an ulcer. Since then my chemical sens. symptoms have lessened. I started treatment just over 3 months ago. The symptoms are still there, but to a lesser degree. I have also been taking Chlorella during this time...about (deleted) gms/day. I feel like now that I have some money I need to do more and was thinking about doing a liver flush. Chris C. England.

Hi Jan, how are you?
My name is Peter, I emailed you about 8 months ago, I ordered from you the book about allergies and detoxification. Well , Ian I wanna say , I'm very happy with everything, after i emailed you I ordered the supplements and everything went well. I started the treatment on may 20, right now even Im not completely cured, im doing very well, very big improvement compare with the situation I was when I  first started the medication, like 80 % improvement.  Peter S., New York.

Sir I've suffered the last three and a half years with allergies and chemical intolerance, so you can imagine my surprise when having read your book and been prompted to take a more thorough series of tests I found that I tested positive to heavy metals. I found it fascinating the link you drew between this my digestion and the allergic reactions I experienced. Thank you for all your hard work, I have finally got the answers I needed and am on the detox. Kindest Regards, Sam Hallard, Devon, England.

As the creator of this web site I struggled with chronic allergies and fatigue for 15 years. Nothing seemed to work, I went for blood tests, allergy screens and immunization. I tried everything, diets, candida cures, chinese herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, acupuncture.. Only when I found out the root causes of what was causing all my problems and tackled them did my Allergies clear up. Ian Solley, Founder This Cure Works, Hertfordshire, England.


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That's How I Beat My Allergy Symptoms.

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My e-Book Covers:


How and what I did to overcome my chronic Allergy Symptoms and Chemical Sensitivities and get rid of my digestive problems and food cravings and how l did it over months rather than years. All by using natural methods without drugs.

What I realized is that until I had identified the root causes that were causing my chronic allergies, I found it very difficult to regain my health and vitality no matter how many herbs and supplements I tried.

What I've done is pack this book with all the concise information you need so you can learn about the harmful effects of heavy metals and the effects chemicals can have on our hormonal system and how I tackled these internal obstacles that were overloading my immune system.

I begin to notice the benefits as I started following a low glycemic index diet. My energy improved as my body started to remove those toxins that were draining me of my energy. At some time it is natural to experience increased fatigue and discomfort, this is known as a healing crisis and occurs when your body is unable to cope fast enough with the toxins being released. The solution for me was to slow down detoxing and increase nutitional support. For those with long term chronic allergies I would be realistic and expect a 12 months period to detox.

I sincerely believe that this information will be as helpful to you as it has been to me; I just wish now that this information had been available to me 15 years ago.

e-Book Contents

Over 92 pages in my e-Book you will read about:

Part 1- What Could've Been The Cause Of Your Chronic Allergy Symptoms.

Covering; Food and Drink (incl. Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Additives); Beauty Products (incl. Bio-Accumulation of Chemicals) and Your Home (incl. Heavy Metals, Flame Retardants, Solvents, Pesticides, Bedding, Paints and Water Pipes).

Part 2- A Look At Allergies In Detail:

Covering; Allergies; Incl. Common and not so common Allergens, Immune System Response Mechanism, and Immunization. Also including Irritable Bowel; Chronic Fatigue; Candida Albicans; Parasites & Bacteria; how they are related, and why I had to address the root causes of these conditions to tackle them.

Part 3-The Truth Behind Those Medical Tests:

Covering; Testing for Allergy, Blood Tests - R.A.S.T, Skin Patch Tests, Testing for Chemical Sensitivity, Sensitivity to Heavy Metals. ELISA Tests and also Blood, Hair Mineral Tests and other analysis and with links to web sites.

Part 4-The Body's Defence System.

Covering; Nutrition, Anti-oxidants, The Immune System, The Liver and Gall-Bladder, The Kidneys and Adrenal Glands.

Part 5-The Approach That Cellularly Cleanses And Repairs thereby allowing me to tackle the root causes of my Chronic Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities.

Covering; Diet; Insulin and Blood Sugar Swings; Glycemic Index of Foods, Supplement Information; Liver and Gall-Bladder Cleanses.

The methods I used were easy to follow and simple to implement once I got organized, all I did was maintain a healthy and nutritious low glycemic/carb diet, for three to four months combined with the most natural and effective vitamins, minerals and supplements to help my body cleanse and repair itself. I continued on a maintenance level of supplementation and relaxed the diet a little and after 2 years the heavy metal - lead - finally stopped showing up on tests.

The e-Book covers allergy symptoms, food intolerances and digestive problems.

I Learnt How To Get Rid Of:

  • Allergies to Dust, Pets and Pollen
  • Allergies and Intolerances to Foods
  • Itching Skin and Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Sneezing Constantly
  • Runny Nose (post nasal drip)
  • Food Cravings (breads, sweets, sugar and alcohol)
  • Paint, Perfume and Chemical Sensitivities
  • Headaches and Dizziness
  • Bloating and Gas

Questions I Found Answers To...


  • WHY I had Food Allergies/Intolerances?
  • WHY despite taking tests to identify the root causes, my results actually missed them altogether?
  • WHY even when identified they can be hard to treat and which method was the best?
  • WHY my Food Allergies/Intolerances/MCS never improved much with avoidance diets?
  • WHY strengthening my immune system with vitamins didn't clear up my numerous Allergies?
  • WHYAsthma and Allergies are reaching epidemic proportions? -

    Note: Small children in Australia were found to be four times as likely to develop asthma when exposed to higher levels of V.O.C.'s (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in household cleaning products - than children exposed to lower levels. (This despite levels being WITHIN government guidelines)
  • WHY there is a connection between Allergies and Candida Albicans and Irritable Bowel And...
  • WHY I had food cravings and how could I make them a thing of the past?

I would be the first to admit that I thought I was going to have to put up with my allergies for good but as a result of detoxing:

    • My sneezing fits, runny nose, eyes, and itchy throat have gone.

    • I'm not allergic to paints, perfumes and chemicals - or the family pets!

    • My stomachs settled and the cramps stopped.

    • My food cravings went.

    • My concentration is now clear and focused - no more dizzyness.

    • Plus my fatigue disappeared too.



Refund Policy
Follow the instructions in my e-Book and if you feel it has not improved your health contact me for a refund.


Ian Solley
B.Sc. (Hons)

Order e-Book

Don't treat the Symptoms, Treat the Cause,
That's How I Beat My Allergy Symptoms.

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Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes and is NOT meant to substitute for the advice provided by your own physician. I am not a doctor, I am just someone who was determined enough to find an answer to resolve my health issues. Ian Solley and Metals Detox Ltd. England, Company Number 7610485 are not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of this information. If you have a health issue please consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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