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"Don't Treat The Symptoms. Treat The Cause.
Discover What's Causing Your Chronic
Fatigue And Cure It."

This site provides info and advice on how I cured my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (C.F.S.), also known as: Post Viral Fatigue (P.V.F.) and Myalgeic Encphalomyeltis, M.E. and what the root causes were in my case.

Before we begin a word of advice: If you come across web sites proclaiming the "secrets" to chronic fatigue without telling you what they are, use your common sense - there are no secrets. I have written about the root causes in the "Why It Worked" Section further down this page.

I was diagnosed as having "Post-Viral Fatigue" and due to my fatigue symptoms was bed-ridden for the first 6-12 months. My limbs felt like lead yet test results proved so inconclusive that doctors eventually labelled me as psychosomatic after their medical test proved so inconclusive. I then spent 15 years struggling with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S.) using every conventional and complementary therapy available, including:

Colonics/Bowel Cleanses/Parasite Cleanses
Allergy/Mast Tests (It’s not all in the mind)
Blood Tests incl. Glucose/Triglycerides/Immunoglobins
Avoidance Diets/Food Combining
Thyroid Tests
D.H.E.A. Hormones
General Homeopathy
Vitamin Therapy
English Herbs/Chinese Herbs
Hair Mineral Tests and More Vitamin Therapy
Reverse Therapy

Mercury Fillings Removal


There is no "No Observable Effect Level" with mercury. Research has shown that even a 1 mcg exposure produces toxic effects in the body. Added to which the activity of bacteria on mercury converts it into methyl mercury - a far more toxic form that is easily transported and stored in the body.

The American Center for Disease Control's definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (C.F.S.) is: "The presence of unexplained persistent fatigue that is not relieved by rest and that results in a substantial reduction in occupational, social and personal activities."

Having tried the above therapies I still suffered from these..

Fatigue Symptoms:

Extreme Fatigue
Tiredness and Lethargy
Muscle Pain or Weakness
Spaced Out Head/Brain Fog
Poor Concentration
Memory Problems
Adrenal Fatigue
Food Cravings
Chronic Allergies
Joints Pains
Night Sweats
Multiple Chemical Sensitivites (M.C.S.)

Irritable Bowel (I.B.S.) and Digestive Disorders.

The net result: I wasted £20,000, the reasons why are explained further below.

From my own experience I saw that all I had been doing was chasing my fatigue symptoms and trying to relieve them when my focus should have been on tackling the root causes of my illness.

I have seen a lot of nonsense written about chronic fatigue syndrome, my favourite being that it's all in the mind! I have also experienced and seen a lot of information and recomendations about "learning to live" with the condition which I decided against.

What I finally realised I needed to understand was how to:

Identify the ROOT CAUSES that were overloading my
Immune System
and creating my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Please don't waste money on herbs and
supplements that mask the symptoms-
I've Been There So You Don't Need To.

Finally I found a solution that didn't take 15 yrs
and cost £20,000! And one that was Effective

And Got Fast Results

Click Here To Learn How To Cure Your Chronic Fatigue


Ian Solley
B. Sc.(Hons)



A Comprehensive Detox Program For Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

"I made more progress in 3 months on this program than I made in 15 years trying everything else."

Ian M. Solley, B.Sc. (Hons) Founder of
This Cure Works.com

"What People are Saying:"

"I have just read
your book and
have found it
fascinating and
well written. I am
a qualified doctor
, and
suffered with
fatigue for over
two years. I got in
touch with Ian and
saw his
nutritionist who
put me on the
detox and I'm
feeling the best I
have in years!
Without Ian's
ebook, I dread to
think where I
might be today.
I'm certainly very
Caroline Bates,
London U.K.

Ian has done a splendid job of writing about the programme that I have been using for several years in dealing with chronic health conditions where the usual alternative and orthodox approaches have failed. This website has enabled this protocol to reach and help many others who would otherwise be stuck with their health problems as he once was.
Hazel, Nutritionist,
D.N. Med, D.Th.D, EAV Practitioner.
London, U.K.

This book is damn good. I am a herbalist with mercury toxicity /hypothyroidism, with confirmation today of CFS with intracellular fluids blood test... It is a superb resource, really superb
best wishes, Hilary Tunsdell (address not submitted)

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chronic fatigue
How I Cured My Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Fatigue

1) Firstly, before you read on, please do not mistake this site for the "Miracle Cure Your XYZ In 7 Days" type of site -- What I describe in my e-Book is not a miracle cure but a scientific approach to tackling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome C.F.S. and eliminating the toxin overload that causes it. Very few conditions are genetically passed on - by that I mean that we get sick as a result of our bodies capacity or rather incapacity to interact with an increasingly toxic environment.

2) My aim was to reach as many people as possible. But after having written to over 30 Chronic fatigue Syndrome / ME Organisations worldwide offering the research in my ebook for free the response I got was hopeless. They seem more interested in teaching their subscribers how to live with the condition? That is not a solution...

3) The thoroughly researched information I have written about has been verified by a Micro-Biologist who's detox clinical results back up exactly what I have written - Immune System boosted. Heavy metals reduced in blood stream. Parasitic and Bad Bacterial activity eliminated. Candida yeast metabolytes decrease to normal ranges.

4) Is this a genuine web site? Yes I am a real person! My phone number is at the top and bottom of this site. This is a professional site backed by an immense amount of scientific research by some of the leading pioneers in CFS/ME illness.

Because I am now offering phone and email support this has become a full time job.

Thank You.
Ian Solley


For 15 years I suffered with fatigue symptoms, brain fog, and digestion disorders. It started 2 years after my girlfriend and I had became ill on a Turkish holiday in the late 1980's, (liver jaundice, fever, etc).

During school and college holidays I would earn extra money by painting and decorating. I would burn off old lead based paints with gas guns without wearing a mask, constantly being exposed to paints, toxins and other chemicals. I believe it was this toxicity (I tested literally off the charts for the heavy metal lead) along with my own mouthful of mercury dental amalgams that caused my own illness and weakened my immune system.

During this time there was no understanding of environmental illness within the medical community. My doctor "diagnosed" me with post viral fatigue and I was sent for lots of tests. I was in a state of disbelief though when I found out that he, along with the hospital consultants, couldn't do anything for me. All they could suggest was that I get more rest - rest was all I was getting. Later as tests "proved" that I had nothing wrong with me I was written off as psychosomatic. The diagnosis that somehow my thinking or neurology was responsible pushed me into depression and my confidence hit an all time low.

I was bed-ridden and had difficulty doing the most simplest tasks - my concentration was non existent and reading became impossible. I also had problems word finding and every time I ate food, two hours later I would become even more spaced out.

Now because of the internet I hear stories like mine all the time where people have these debilitating fatigue symptoms, no energy, brain fog, and no one can tell them why, so please know that you are not alone. I believe the brain fog is caused by the liver being unable to cope with the huge amount of waste toxins being released from the activity of excessive amounts of pathogens (yeasts, parasites, bad bacteria and viruses) in the system.

I turned to complementary medicine but many of my fatigue symptoms persisted... chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders, allergies, chemical sensitivities and brain fog. In 2003 I decided to stop seeing my private Harley Street doctor...

That's because traditional ways of diagnosing and treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome didn't work for me. They included:

Neuro/Hormonal Factors;

Immune System Misfunction;

Free Radical Damage.

Because of the lack of understanding by the medical community about the nature of toxins, in particular heavy metals and how to measure them. These failures led me to embark on ineffective treatments that ultimately were not addressing the root issue of chemical and heavy metal toxicity that was finally established through tests in 2000

My life had become a series of failed attempts to get my health right followed by periods where I gave up, sometimes for years. This was because of the fear of being let down again by yet another "health regime" and the resulting disappointment, so nobody, including myself, would have imagined that I would not only resolve the problem, but write a book about my experiences.

More by good fortune and luck than anything else I found a nutritionist who had just come back from the United States where she had learnt about a new way of tackling my C.F.S. that not even my Harley street consultant is aware of.

This approach is unlike anything I had heard of or tried before. I owe so much to this woman for all her help. So why is this approach being used on A.L.S./Parkinson's/Alzheimer's/M.E. patients?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
How And Why It Worked
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • The detox process worked because it eliminated and repaired the fatty structure of my bodies cell walls particularly those cells in the brain, gastro-intestinal tract, liver and gall bladder, where toxins such as heavy metals and chemicals reside. It was the build up of these toxins that overwhelmed my immune system and created my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms.
  • Pathogens such as viruses, parasites, yeast and bad bacteria are the SYMPTOM of heavy metals and chemical toxicity. I elected to Treat the cause not the symptom of my fatigue.

  • By repairing the bi-lipid membrane of the cells, replacing damaged and saturated long chain fatty acids - that are rigid and inhibit the cellular release of toxins - with the correct lipid (fat) balance my body was able to give up it's toxic burden FAR MORE QUICKLY compared to anything I ever took in Harley Street.

  • Then through the use of specific supplements that binded to these toxins they were able to be effectively transported from my body.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
My Experiences
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The idea that there is some magic bullet or miracle solution to overcoming C.F.S. is a fallacy. It will take resolve and determination and it can be tough going. In all the years that I have been communicating with sufferers all around the world I have not heard of one case of spontaneous remission.

It is also possible that chemical and heavy metals toxicity has caused serious damage, however it is still my belief that a sufferer can still improve their health and life experience by taking control and addressing such states of toxicity.

My ebook covers research on such issues e.g. studies on flame retardants from fabrics being found in womens breast milk and how mercury has been shown to transfer from the womb to the foetus and that concentrations in the brain, gut and liver of the feotus have been found to be 4x's the concentrations found in the mother.

My own recovery was characterised by brief periods of intense lethargy, headaches and low mood - always a sign that the body is struggling to detox heavy metals/chemicals and pathogens as fast as they are being released. I would have to slow down or stop what I was taking and then recontinue the protocol. My first liver flush (see below) resulted in the release of toxins that made me completely spaced out for 3 days! However with subsequent flushes such reactions became less and less.

The first real changes I noticed on this protocol were that my brain fog and poor concentration started to improve even within the first month. After 15 years of poor concentration this was such a huge boost to my spirits and confidence. It also told me that I was on the right path for the first time in 15 years! In a couple of months this protocol began to start restoring my energy and health and has now completely changed my life.

The important thing to realize is that the idea of removing toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and pathogens (bad bacteria, yeasts, viruses and parasites) and improving the nutritional base is now well established - what you don't read about is how extremely difficult this process is - I know I spent 5 years visiting Harley Street with very little success.

If you would like more information of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome experience and an understanding of the toxin overload that caused it and how I tackled it then get a copy of my e-Book:

"I Cured My Chronic Fatigue, So Can You."  

You'll be able to download the e-Book immediately
and learn how I tackled the root causes of my Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome.

Chelation Therapy:

Some heavy metal detox methods can in fact cause more harm than good.
The process involves administering, either orally or by I.V., a substance that binds with metal ions and these are then eliminated through normal bodily channels. The success of such procedures is also questionable, as damage can occur when metals ions come into contact with tissue as they are being removed.

I heard of a case, through an English Herbalist, where someone had permanently damaged their kidneys detoxing heavy metals doing a chelation procedure. I also had a call from a microbiologist who had used DMPS chelation and ended up with mouth ulcers so bad he wasn't able to eat for a week.

Better elimination results can be achieved using products that allow for a more stable bond - one that completely encompasses the metal ions making it safer to transport as well as more comfortable to detox. (I have also personally experienced harsh metal detox symptoms using a English herbal therapy resulting in disorientation, extreme visual problems and fatigue - NOT PLEASANT).

Liver Flushes:

I had to take care with doing liver flushes, I knew that doing epsom salt liver flushes could be dangerous as stones can become lodged in the bile ducts and within the billary tree. For this reason the liver flushes that I have written about concentrate on repairing the cell membranes of the liver and gall bladder and the billary tree, helping to clear toxic "sludge".

Note: I recommend that anyone with fatigue symptoms considering going on a heavy metals detox to seek a professional nutritionist or medical professional.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
People Grateful For My Story
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have just downloaded your book and have found it fascinating and well written. I am a qualified Doctor who is getting desperate. I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS for over 2 years now, with short lived periods before that but it is my gut that seems to cause all the problems. I am constipated, bloated, have developed too many food intolerances, suffer with headaches and have that vague 'disinterested in life' feeling. I have had periods when i have been much better....I have colonics regularly that help and when I am on various herbs (capyillic acid, olive leaf and oil of oregano) i have improved dramatically. However, it is all too short lived and eventually my symptoms return.
Thank you. Regards Caroline Bates, (G.P/Doctor), London, U.K.

(You can read Caroline's testimonial below after she used the methods in my e-book)

This is a comprehensive and very well researched book. It helped me understand that my body is capable of both producing and ingesting enough toxic chemicals to cause my health problems. I am therefore profoundly grateful to the author for writing it. I am sure it will help many people. Peter Wayne, Holland.

Hi, Ian
I'm only a third way through this book of yours but I want to tell you that I am in awe of the information you have gathered and the way you are presenting it. Beyond amazing.

Hello Ian,
I would like to ask you how can you guarantee that if I purchase this ebook download, that I will receive it and that it isnt a scam. I have seen other books on the internet very similar sucess storys etc. I dont want to sound rude but I have been cheated before on the internet and I am very reluctant to hand over my credit card details. Is this address in Hertz you home/business address. Can I check out somewhere to know this isnt going to be a scam.Regards
Gillian (Australia)

By email I told Gillian that yes, this is my home business address printed below and that my bank card processor demands a level of service and interenet security on this website that would preclude me from having an account with them if I was not business like. There is also a guarantee on this website that is fair.

Hello and Thank You!!! I received your ebook and read it through. It is very dense with useful information and it is glaringly obvious that you've done a lot of work. I myself am on a mission to get these stupid amalgams out of my mouth after suffering from chronic A to Z ailments for the past sixteen years of my life. I'm thirty - that means half of my life experience has been subjugated to the effects of mercury/Candida overgrowth and what was worse during all of this was that I never knew what was happening. But because of people like you now I do know and so again, I thank you. Brian (South Africa).

...I have a Biology degree so it's fascinating the amount of scientific information you have found out.... Any way thanks for writing the book it was really interesting and the best i have read on this subject so far. Bridget Bradley, Bournemouth, England.

Your book is very interesting.You have done a lot of studying. I have felt terrible for 3 years...(deleted for privacy) Thank you for you E-book it really makes sense. Thank you and God Bless... Vicki Mackay, Whitestone N.Y.

I rang you from Bermuda last week enquiring about your book and asking you if I could get my daughter in law- Anita Shepey - to 'phone you. Since then I have downloaded and read your book which I found exceedingly easy to read and factually interesting ( I have a B.Med.Sci). Once again, thank you for the excellent book. Best wishes, Dale Howe, Bermuda.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Readers Successes Treating CFS
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I had suffered with CFS for over two years. I had visited every naturopath, physician, nutritionalist possible and spent well over £10 000, all to no avail.
I was at the point of giving up....it had affected my work and my relationship and i was now so low that I could no longer see a future for myself. I so longed for the days when I didn't wake with that heavy, headache ill feeling.....hope was fading. In a last effort I started surfing the net and came across Ian's ebook......it was like reading about myself, only this guy was better!! Living a normal life again!
I found the book very informative and knowledgeable am a medical practitioner and found it's content well researched and accurate. Most importantly, it gave me hope..... I got in touch with Ian and saw his nutritionalist who put me on the detox and I'm feeling the best I have in years! Without Ian's ebook, I dread to think where I might be today. I'm certainly very grateful Caroline Bates, (G.P./Doctor) London U.K.

Hi Ian,
Thank you so much for your book, I have, so far, stabalized my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms so they don't keep yo yoing and then reduced them to half what they were.
That's the bit you can use for testimonials:)
...can you point me in the right direction please?
(the text isn't meant to be 'bold' it's my email program playing up)
yours, joan:)

(This person bought the book 9 months before sending this email)

Hi Ian,

Brilliant, thanks for the info. Your Wright (sic) about the ups and downs There is a smile on my face after such a long, long time Had a quick word with you before
Been on the Detox for 2 months now (No problems, no adverse side effects) Improvement is quite noticeable,

Hi Ian
I have down loaded your book back in January and have been using supplements for six weeks now. I have to say that this has given me the best results i have ever had. I had been suffering for 15 years now and nothing had shifted it. A G.P. thought it was Candida and gave me nystatin tablets and after three weeks all my symptons disappeared. I felt great. The best I had ever felt in my life. However I stopped taking them when the ran out and hey presto the damm thing came back. Only this time twice as bad. I started the detox programme in November and I followed the diet in the detox book and took the vitamins, minerals & supplements. After 2-3 weeks I had alot more energy more than I have had for years. My other symptoms also began to ease ie joint pains, back pain, burning sensation in my feet etc. I managed to carry out....
Thank You. Anthony Farmer (address not submitted).

Hello Ian,
I'm about 5 weeks into the detox programme - wow! I've made so much progress! When I walk I have a spring in my step - I can't remember the last time I felt like this. And I feel so alert all day long. It's really great. Many thanks for this opportunity, John Feinstein (address not submitted).

Hi Ian,
I have been on the detox diet for 6 weeks now and a metal cleanse program for nearly nine months. I still have a metallic taste in my mouth. I am now taking steps to kill Candida, for several weeks now, and my head is really spinning and my knees are shaking with weakness. How long did you stay on the metal cleanse program and the detox diet. Obviously, long enough for the symptoms to disappear, but how long? was it months? I really am sicker than ever now. Your last communication was an encouragement to me.

(I replied telling him that I had to go at my own bodies pace when I was on the detox not anybody elses.) Thanks for the reply. I did 2 coffee enemas 2 days ago and this time i really noticed feeling better. Up until then, coffee enemas didn't do much...maybe a slight lift and recession from spaciness for a few hours. Maybe things are starting to change. Thanks for taking the time to write. Thanks William B. CA

I have been looking for an answer ever since. Your book was really worth the money. I have learnt such a lot about this disease from your notes and everything seems to make sense now. I have found a good candida forum which is following a similar line but they do not go into such detail or explain the reasons why. Thanks for putting your experience into a book and sharing it with us. There are so many people trying to make money out of this misery and i was truly grateful that your book was both reasonably priced and so informative.....and made sense. God bless" Andy Wright Horsham West Sussex, U.K.

Before getting your book I'd been suffering with fatigue for 6 years and had difficulty keeping regular jobs, my family told me about this treatment but I was sceptical. Anyway I managed to keep to the program and still can't believe how quickly my symptoms started getting better apart from one healing crisis which I heard can happen, I am so much better than I was 6 months ago. Thank you so much, I'm so grateful. Monique, Valdosta, GA.

After being told that I was suffering from exhaustion, I was then diagnosed as having candida. Nothing helped, over the last few months I tried so many different drugs, herbs, treatments etc, all promising me that they would sort my health out. Thanks to your book I followed the detox and my candida's gone and so has the fatigue! Eternally grateful. Gill, Stowe on the Wold, Gloucs, England.

I'd struggled with lethargy, migraines and stomach upsets. I tried vitamin therapy and herbs but never got far. I'd've never've guessed in a million years that my dental fillings were part of the problem and getting them removed would only be the start of it! Thank you. All your practical and helpful info and advice, has been worth far more than what I paid for it. Melissa Marshall, Ann Arbor MI.

Hi Ian, im five months into de-tox i am noticing some changes,the nutritionist is being excellent,so supportive although ive had a rough ride so far...kevin N. UK.

I'm writing to tell you that my stomach aches and bloating have disappeared over the last few months by following the information you wrote in your book, my limbs feel lighter and I now have great energy again. It took a while before I realized that even my allergies, have cleared up. I'm so appreciative for all the... Clinton Whyte, Brandon, MO.

My husbands suffered for years from chronic fatigue, sweats and muscle aches, so I wanted to let you know howpleased I am we got your book, and to tell you hes so much better. I feel hes over the worst of it now so just wanted to write - bless you. Vasha M., Christchurch, New Zealand.

As the creator of this web site I wanted to address concerns like the email above from Kevin. I struggled with CFS for 15 years after first becoming ill on holiday abroad. Nothing worked, I went for blood tests, parasite tests, allergy screens, colonoscopies, - nothing showed up. I tried everything, diets, candida cures, chinese herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, acupuncture. Only when I found out the root causes of what was causing all my problems and tackled them did my CFS stop. Ian Solley, Founder This Cure Works, Hertfordshire, England.


    chronic fatigue
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    chronic fatigue

Don't treat the Symptoms, Treat the Cause,
Beat Your Chronic Fatigue.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
My e-Book Covers:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What I did in my battle to overcome my fatigue symptoms and get rid of my digestive problems, allergies and brain fog. All by using natural methods without drugs

What I've done is pack this book with all the concise information so you can learn about the effects that heavy metals and chemicals can have on our immune and hormonal systems.

I began to notice the benefits as I started following a low carb/glycemic index diet. My energy improved as my body started to remove the toxins that were draining me of my energy. As noted above some times it is natural to experience increased fatigue symptoms and discomfort, this is known as a healing crisis and occurs when the body is unable to cope fast enough with the toxins being released. The solution for me was to slow down or stop detoxing and increase nutitional support. For those with long term chronic fatigue I would be realistic and expect a 12 - 36 months period to detox and recover.

I sincerely believe that this information will be as helpful to you as it has been to me; I only wish now that this knowledge had been available to me 15 years ago.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
I Learnt To Get Rid Of:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Tiredness and Lethargy
  • Cravings for bread (yeast), sweets, sugar and alcohol
  • Itching skin and rashes
  • Parasites
  • Candida
  • Eczema
  • Dizziness
  • Allergies
  • Paint, perfume and chemical sensitivities
  • Night sweats
  • Headaches
  • Eyesight problems - blurred / floaters obscuring the vision
  • Muscle aches, tension and twitching
  • Loss of libido
  • Swollen and inflamed joints
  • Bloating and Gas
  • Brain fog or spaced out head

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
e-Book Contents
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Over 92 pages in my e-Book you will read about:

Part 1- What could've been the cause of my Chronic Fatigue and why the immune system gets overloaded causing the conditions I had covered in Pt 2.

Covering; Food and Drink (incl. Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Additives); Beauty Products (incl. Bio-Accumulation of Chemicals) and Your Home (incl. Heavy Metals, Flame Retardants, Solvents, Pesticides, Bedding, Paints and Water Pipes).

Part 2- A look at those problems in detail:

Covering; Also including Irritable Bowel; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; Parasites & Bacteria; how they are related, and why I had to address the root causes of these conditions to tackle them.

Part 3- The Truth Behind Those Medical Tests:

Covering; Testing for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - using the most reliable test available, Blood Tests - Testing for Chemical Sensitivity, Sensitivity to Heavy Metals. and also Blood, Hair Mineral Tests and other analysis and with links to web sites.

Part 4- The Bodies Defence System.

Covering; Nutrition, Anti-oxidants, The Immune System, The Liver and Gall-Bladder, The Kidneys and Adrenal Glands.

Part 5- The approach that Cellularly Cleanses and Repairs thereby allowing me to tackle the root causes of my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Covering; Diet; Insulin and Blood Sugar Swings; Glycemic Index of Foods, Supplement Information; Liver and Gall-Bladder Cleanses, Lymphatic Drainage.

Page Index:


6 Environmental Soup
8 Sources of Metals and Chemicals
8 Food and Drink
12 Beauty Products
14 The Home
15 Table of Sources of Metal and Chemical Toxins
18 Symptoms of Metal and Chemical Toxicity

20 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
22 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
26 Candida Albicans
29 Bacteria and Parasites
31 Allergies
35 Depression
44 Lipomas

46 Complementary Therapies
46 Vitamin Therapies
46 Chinese Herbs
47 Parasite Cleanses
47 The Truth behind those Medical Tests
51 Testing for Heavy Metals

56 Nutrition
60 The Kidneys
61 The Adrenal Glands
63 The Liver
67 The Gall-bladder
68 The Bowel
68 The Skin, Muscle and Bone

72 The Detox Diet: No More Blood Sugar Swings
75 Supplements
80 What to do NOW
80 Bowel, Liver and Gall-bladder Flushes
82 Parasite Cleanse Maintenance
82 Far Infrared Saunas
82 Deep (Swedish) Massage
82 Lymphatic Drainage Exercise
83 Tips for a Successful Detox
83 Exercise
83 Electromagnetic Pollution


Parts 1 and 2 of the e-Book explain why we get sick (remember statistically very few illnesses are genetically passed on - by that I mean that we can get sick as a result of our bodies capacity or rather incapacity to interact with an increasingly toxic environment - this is examined in detail), Part 3 looks at what to test for, and Parts 4 and 5 cover how to get back to having great health.

The detox was able to treat my chronic fatigue syndrome, tiredness, and As a result:

  • My fatigue has gone, I have energy all day long (I don't feel cold anymore).

  • My stomachs settled and the cramps stopped.

  • My food cravings vanished over night.

  • My concentration is now clear and focused.

  • And most importantly those spaced out feelings finally went.

  • Plus my depression lifted too.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Refund Policy
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Follow the instructions in my e-Book and if you feel it has not improved your fatigue symptoms contact me for a refund.


Ian Solley
B.Sc. (Hons)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Order e-Book

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Don't treat the Symptoms, Treat the Cause,
Beat Your Chronic Fatigue.

Receive ongoing Email and Telephone Support,
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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